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The Visionary's Way:

A Transformational Journey

Create Miracles! The Visionary’s Way is written in a way that is accessible to all to awaken the magic in everyday life and open the door to a world where anything is possible!

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There is more than meets the eye operating in our lives! When we align to the higher frequency part of us, we are living what I like to call “The Visionary’s Way;” that is, we are aligning to possibilities and connecting to the Source of all creation. This alignment invites miracles, synchronicities, and what some call “coincidences” into being! This assistance from Source is available to each and every one of us for the asking! The author had a very real demonstration of this when her son was an infant that left her knowing without a doubt that all have immediate access to a loving presence and divine guidance. In The Visionary’s Way, she has included her own true miracle stories and those of friends, all of which reinforce her belief in miracles. More..

Faith Sorenson


Faith believes the Higher Power, which she calls God, Universe, Universal Intelligence, Source Energy, or just “Source,” has unlimited Love for all of us regardless of beliefs or religious affiliation. She enjoys helping others make their dreams come true by sharing what she has received about co-creating with the Universe. She is a journaler of awe-inspiring, life-changing surprises from Universe that she hopes will help inspire others manifest their dreams and attract more miracles.

She currently resides in Southwest Florida and enjoys her pet family, hydroponic gardening, the local beaches, tropical wildlife, vegetation, art, and occasional travels. Her much-loved son lives in California.