The Visionary's Way front cover
Cover Art: Still Waters Mandala by Susan St. Thomas


The Visionary's Way, A Transformational Journey

The Visionary's Way is written in a way that is accessible to all to awaken the magic in everyday life and open the door to a world where Anything is Possible. The unique perspective includes miracle stories, questions and answers including help with using the Law of Attraction and a manifestation method - all gifted to us by Universe.

The book is sure to resonate with spiritual newcomers and also with those advanced practitioners who are looking for confirmation of ideas and concepts already supported. Regardless of their belief system, readers will find it impossible to finish the book without gaining at least a few important insights.

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Publisher, Happy is Lucky

Author’s Statement:

“I love it when Universe shows us that we aren’t alone and that we can call on a higher power for assistance moment by moment. Miracle stories in The Visionary’s Way may inspire you to continue to build your relationship with the divine within. One of my favorites is by Craig, an inventor attending a trade show in Las Vegas. Somehow during the conference he lost the taxes he was working on. The way they showed up is more than coincidental! Another story from Sita, a college professor, describes the day she was on an empty bus in London when maharjji Neem Karoli Baba sat next to her and then disappeared into thin air.

I continue to be a student of the work and love sharing what I’m receiving. For so many years now, within the new thought, new age community, we were all taught that the planet would soon be undergoing a shift in energy. We are all here now ushering in the transition period of the planet where we have an opportunity to operate from a higher frequency and blend with our divine within. link link link

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