Arnold Schwarzenegger portrait
Arnold Schwarzenegger portrait: B&W 14x17.5$300
Still Life painting of fruit
Still Life Fruit: color 18x20$350
painting of waterfall
Magestic Waterfall: color 17.5 x 21$300
Ronald Reagan portrait
Ronald Reagan portrait: B&W 18x25$350
painting: Sky Over Water
Sky over Water: color 22x30$350
painting: Waterfall2
Waterfall: color 13x17$300
B.B. King portrait
BB King: color 13.75 x 18 $350
painting: Sky
Sky Brilliance: color 18.5 x 22$350

Giclee Prints by Tom Barkis

Giclee (pronounced Jhee-clay) is from a French word meaning spraying of ink. It is a method to perfectly reproduce paintings and portraits to allow you to have the beauty of the original at a lower cost. The original art or transparency of it is scanned at high resolution. The scan is then color corrected using the original painting as the gauge. The finished scan is then transferred to the giclee printer. The paper used is 100% cotton rag fine art paper, acid free, pH neutral, an archival paper to match the original art paper. When giclee is used for watercolors, the translucency of the museum quality Giclee shows exactly like the original and when framed cannot be distinguished from the original. All paintings are available printed on paper or stretched canvas. Please contact me for prices and shipping estimate.